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Tatj - Tatjana HILKER Sand Art - Sculpture - Photography
Sand Art
February 2011 MOUVANCE Gallery of the 59Rivoli Paris 1st
June 2010 Tatj - Sand Art Espace Hattori Paris 11th
October 2011 Châteauroux City Hall Gallery France (36)
September 2011 Franchement Art Citadel of Villefranche-sur-Mer Nice - France
September 2012 Eppingen City Hall Gallery Eppingen - Germany
November 2015 Biel-Bienne Old Crown Switzerland
April-Mai 2011 Spring of the wall hooks Gallery Châtelet-Victoria Paris 1st
Photo Gallery: (clic on the poster to visualize the pictures)
November 2016 Strasbourg Art Fair "Résonances" France