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My paintings are made up with pure natural sand, neither treated nor dyed. This raw material brought from all over the world offers an astouning variety of shapes, colors and sizes. I'm preparing of each of my sands a sample piece. Progressivement constituée, cette palette me permet de mieux organiser chaque projet, en facilitant mon choix des sables pour l’assemblage des couleurs et des différents aspects. Starting with abstract or concrete motifs, and a technique of gradual contours and thanks to the different colors of sand and their physical aspects, I emphasize contrast and movement. Beyond my imagination, most of the time, it is Nature herself who inspires me towards new shapes and new designs. Nature compels me to keep refining again and again my techniques for sticking the sands to various bases such as canvas, polystyrene and wood.
Sand Art

2006 natural sands on canvas 80 x 80 cm
For better comprehension, for discovering and voyaging with the different origins of the natural sands - which come from all over the world - my sand paintings are all accompanied by a cart of explication for the natural sands used. This allows to realize the natural diversity of these sands and let us dream of voyages around the world.
Tatj - Tatjana HILKER Sandart - Sculpture - Photography
Tatjana Hilker
N° 302 Tracks in the Sand
1 Saint Louis – Mississippi,USA 2 Tazzanine - Maroc 3 Grachen – Valais, Switzerland 4 Hershey – Pennsylvania, USA 5 San Francisco – California, USA 6 Viareggio – Toscane, Italy
Creation of Sand Art:
Voyaging around the world: the natural diversity