français deutsch Home Photography Sand Art Sculpture Book & Cards Sculpture Photography Sand Art Creation of Sand Art Natural Sand-Painting "The first steps" "A tiny world" "The beauty of the simple" "Take space" "Plants" Sand - a fascinating material Contact Exhibitions Actuality ! My exhibitions Photo Gallery The Artist The artist Tatj (Tatjana Hilker) was born in 1971 in Karlsruhe in Germany and grew up in Eppingen in southern Germany. After several stays in the USA she lived for a couple of years in Heidelberg, then in Switzerland and in Paris. Now she has set up her studio again in her hometown Eppingen. Early in her creative and artistic career, attracted by the diversity of sand and the beauty of these grains, Tatj started a collection of sands from all over the world and so her first sand works were created in 2004. Now Tatj has been concentrating on her special "Art de Sables" (natural sand-art) for several years. In this respect, she is an autodidact and has developed her own technique to permanently fix the natural sands on different materials. Through the
Tatj - Tatjana HILKER Sand Art - Sculpture - Photography
Tatj - the artist:
Tatjana Hilker
targeted application of the different sands in an up-and-down relief technique, the contrasts and the harmony of these granules come into their own appearance without losing their natural aspect. Inspired by abstract or concrete motifs, these lively images and objects show a natural movement and sensuality. The first presentation of her "Art de Sables" took place in the "Gallery Saint Germain" of the University of Paris-Descartes in May 2010, where she received the public prize in the category of plastic art. A special event at the beginning of her young artist's career was her large solo exhibition "Tatj - Art de Sables" at Espace Hattori in Paris in June 2010. Invited by the gallery 59RIVOLI Tatj showed the possible harmony and the contrast between original nature (Art de Sables - Tatj) and modern civilization (photography - Delpeche) at the sensitive exhibition" Mouvance " in the Rue de Rivoli (Paris 1er) in 2011; expressed in thought notes and an accompanying supple dance performance (Schnauer & Hoffmann), a meeting between movement, pictures and visitors in the centre of the art-historical Paris. In collaboration with the sculptor C. Boyer (Cannes), she exhibited a sensible installation, sandy and transient, for the visitors on a grave experience between the light sculptures and the "Art de Sables" at the art-fair-exhibition FranchementArt on the Côte d'Azur. Since then, more exhibitions followed in France, Switzerland and Germany. Tatj's sand-art works and sculptures are inspired by the shapes, lines and movements of nature. Thanks to their powerful relief and their intensive surface structure, the natural stone works exude a grainy liveliness and fascinate by its diversity and beauty in original colours of nature. The natural sands come from all over the world, they are never dyed or artificially processed, making every piece unique. This particular haptic-emotional force of her "Art de Sables" work is unfortunately often not reflected by the paper-printed dossier and the digital Internet pages. But the human eye allows the viewer to sense the interplay between light and the surface of the sand grains and is enchanted by a special “mouvance” and the charm of the Art de Sables.